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Lesley Traynor
Top-Notch Product.

Safety is paramount, and this warmer delivers with its anti-dry function. It gives us peace of mind knowing it will shut off automatically if the water level gets too low.

Richard Lumb
Remarkable Value.

Achieving optimal heating is easy with this warmer. The recommended temperature settings ensure our baby's milk is heated safely and evenly.

Karina Batson
Craftsmanship That Stands Out.

We've found that the 6-minute warming time is just right for getting bottles ready quickly. It's a great balance of speed and efficiency.

Angela Barry
Exceeded All Expectations.

The Blue Bottle Warmer has been a lifesaver for our family. It heats up bottles quickly and efficiently, making late-night feedings much easier.

Lisa Bassett
Exceptional Quality.

We love the double bottle capacity of this warmer. It's perfect for when we need to prepare multiple bottles at once.

Introducing our cutting-edge Milk Warmer, designed with convenience and safety in mind. Crafted from high-quality PP material, this versatile device is an essential addition for parents seeking efficient and reliable solutions for their baby's feeding needs.

Key Features:

  • Double Bottle Large Capacity Design: Boasting a spacious capacity, our milk warmer can accommodate two bottles simultaneously or warm your baby's complementary food, offering flexibility for busy parents.

  • Timing Function: Stay one step ahead with our timing function, allowing you to warm milk in advance, ensuring your baby can enjoy a warm drink without unnecessary delays.

  • 100°C Steam & Anti-Dry Function: Experience thorough sterilization with 360° steam coverage at 100°C, effectively eliminating 99.9% of germs. The automatic power-off feature ensures safety by shutting down when water is scarce, guaranteeing worry-free use.

  • Comprehensive Functions for Parents: This milk warmer serves as a versatile helper for parents, featuring reservation functions and the ability to warm milk, formula, and heat supplementary foods with ease.


  1. Nutrient Preservation: To preserve the nutrients in breast milk, avoid exceeding a warm milk temperature of 60°C, as proteins may denature at this temperature.

  2. Optimal Heating: Achieve optimal heating by setting the temperature between 40-50°C. The recommended water temperature of 50°C allows refrigerated breast milk to reach 38-40°C within 6 minutes. Ensure the water quantity matches the milk in the bottle for even heating.

  3. Time Efficiency: The 6-minute duration for reaching the desired temperature is based on the water temperature reaching 50°C. The automatic thermostat function ensures your milk remains warm for your baby.

  4. Heat Conduction Theory: If heating breast milk and cold water simultaneously, the process may take slightly longer than heating water alone due to the theory of heat conduction.

Package Contents:

  • 1 * Milk Warmer
  • 2 * Cup Brush
  • 1 * Measuring Cup
  • 1 * Egg Holder
  • 1 * Clip

Experience unparalleled convenience and precision with our Milk Warmer, a reliable companion designed to simplify and enhance your baby's feeding routine.



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